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Divided loyalties

Some press releases make me laugh. Some even make me laugh intentionally. Some are boring but functional, some completely unintelligible. For a while the ones from America’s Cup news service just gave me a sinking feeling, as the greatest competition in the world was reduced to a series of single-boat sail-overs and one-sided Louis Vuitton Cup races.

Not any more. Like the rest of the sailing world I’ve been blown away by the first Cup races between Oracle Team USA and Emirates Team New Zealand, mostly because they are proper yacht races, with place changing and match racing manoeuvres and tactics, all of which we will probably never take for granted as a fundamental prerequisite of a sailing competition ever again. The AC72s have come into their own now there are two more evenly matched boats, and the live footage – with the onboard sound capturing every creak, groan and grunt – is basically awesome.

Now, after yesterday’s annihilation of the Yankees by the Kiwis, there is one official press release we’re all waiting for – an announcement from Oracle on who will helm the next race. I’m not very fickle in my loyalties, but I’m definitely not the only one preparing to rapidly shift their allegiance.


Who wants it more?

Who wants it more?

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