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January Yachts & Yachting

The January edition of Yachts & Yachting magazine is out now.

This has been one of the most challenging and interesting issues I’ve worked on in over 10 years on the title. Halfway through the December production cycle our editor left on a thoroughly well-deserved maternity leave. Having been Deputy Editor on the title for many moons, as part of a brilliant editorial team who have more years between us than we’d care to share, producing a magazine to some slick deadlines is a well-rehearsed routine. But typically, this was the issue to throw up some conundrums, with a couple of major features delivered late, a few last minute additions, and an brief period of attempting to achieve the impossible.

But there were some real highlights as well, not least a fantastic in-depth guide to jib trimming that Kevin Sproul of Ultimate Sails wrote for us, and a guest column by pro round-the-world sailor Wouter Verbraak. I’ve been fortunate to interview and work with some of the sport’s most talented professionals, and I’ve been continually surprised by how those at the very top of their game – who often have the least need for sailing media publicity, and the most demands on their time – are often the most courteous and generous in their help.

There’s also a feature on another pro right at the top of his game, with our Lifetime Achievement Award profile of Grant Dalton by Bob Fisher. Dalton’s name has been knocking around sailing for as long as I can remember, so it’s easy to think you know everything about him, but fact-checking this article was an eye-opener. The numbers don’t lie: seven round the world races, and two runners-up spots in the America’s Cup. And he’s not finished yet, after returning from a two-week sponsorship drive around the world, he’s been quoted on a New Zealand news website as saying “The reception from the sponsors was very, very good. I’m cautiously optimistic it’s [the America’s Cup] a doable proposition.”

Interstingly, he has also been raising the possibility of a Kiwi Volvo Ocean Race campaign which, with less than a year until the start, would be an incredibly tight timeframe. “Funding-wise for the Volvo, I can see 50 per cent of that at the moment, but that might as well be five per cent because having half the money doesn’t do anything. That timing is rushing at me like a train.” Read more at and in the January 2014 issue of Yachts & Yachting.


Grant Dalton Lifetime Achievement Award, Yachts & Yachting January 2014 issue

Grant Dalton Lifetime Achievement Award, Yachts & Yachting January 2014 issue

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