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June Yachts & Yachting

The June issue of Y&Y magazine is out now.

It includes a chat I had with Alex Thomson about, amongst other things, his utterly insane (but brilliant) Mastwalk, as well as the latest changes in the IMOCA class.

Alex is a consumate professional when it comes to press interviews, but even he sounded a bit distracted when I spoke to him about the New York-Barcelona race he was scheduled to take part in. His reasons became evident when, a few days after we spoke, they announced that Alex would not be taking part in the transatlantic because it clashed with the due date for his second child. After the no-doubt terrifyingly stressful time he and his wife experienced before the 2010 Barcelona World Race – when Alex had an emergency appendectomy, shortly before his son Oscar was born with some (now resolved) heart issues – no one could blame him in the slightest. Sadly for the Hugo Boss team, fate through them another curve ball, when Boss was dismasted yesterday before the race. Fingers crossed for a smooth run up to this year’s Barcelona Race from here – surely anyone who dives off an IMOCA 60 rig deserves that much.

There is also an interview with Tomasso Chieffi, who sheds some light on how the game of pro sailing has changed in recent years. No longer is there a clear path from the Med Maxi scene to America’s Cup competition – should sailing be welcoming in the Russian influence instead?

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