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Welcome to the new website of True Angle Editorial. I’m Helen Fretter, a freelance journalist who specialises in sailing but loves writing about all sorts of things. Over the past decade I’ve worked on sailing events around the world, spent an awful lot of time at Fleet Services, and interviewed everyone from Russian oligarchs to retired rockstars.

These days, my young family keeps me closer to home, which is on the rather lovely Isle of Wight. So recently I’ve been focussing on feature and profile writing, and have been lucky enough to speak to a retired paratrooper, a 20-something wunderkind, an award-winning designer, and a Volvo Ocean Race skipper, all for the past couple of issues of Yachts & Yachting.

I’ll be mainly blogging about the latest from the sailing world, media, and publishing. If I’m feeling nostalgic, I might tell you what it’s like behind the scenes of the Vendee Globe when a skipper’s EPRIB goes off, how (not) to run a sailing event in the desert, or the time we nearly sank a yacht in Croatia with garlic bread…

There are some bloggers who I hugely admire for their wit and honesty – I’ve followed Dooce for many years, and am very excited that I’ve just persuaded the brilliantly opinionated Jack Monroe, of austerity food blog du jour ‘A Girl Called Jack’, to come and speak at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival (which I’m assisting on). Both lay huge swathes of their personal life online because it informs what they are writing about.

I won’t be sharing quite so much, but you should probably know that I have small twins and an absurdly large dog. Just in case this website ends up with a lot of jam on it. Hence I’m taking a leaf out of Dooce’s book, by posting a photo of Giant Puppy, on the principle he is a) shamelessly posing, b) clearly one of the more photogenic members of the family, and c) less worried about his virtual footprint than OOH, A STICK.

Giant Pup

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